Writing is full of coincidences.  When I first started to read, the books I chose (or that chose me) were by Piers Anthony.  He would write a small summary in the back of later books of the coincidences that came up while he was writing.  I thought some of those were neat and some of those seemed a bit of a stretch (even at 12 years old).  I’m a believer in the coincidental now.

  I’ve been writing in earnest (this time) for two weeks.  My coach lived in one of the settings in my book, at the time of the events I’m writing about, giving me full access to any details about that location.  Last night, I was putting together another location for a scene I’ve yet to write.  I chose that location over a year ago.  I went to revisit it on Google Earth and it happens to be right next to the site of one of the happiest memories of my childhood, an amusement park in North Carolina I haven’t visited in over forty years!

  I know there are more coincidences ahead, I may even have over looked some already.  I have no doubt all will be revealed in time.  I can’t wait to find out what else awaits me!!!

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