Renegades of Orion


Renegades of Orion is a tale of action packed excitement, betrayal and survival, set in a shared universe with dozens of worlds colonized by humans and alien civilizations. The story is an introduction to the struggles of people and conflicting ideologies that propel decades of strife and reconciliation throughout human held space, the vast neutral territory surrounding the galactic core, and the alien civilizations who also seek to master the galaxy that humans alone call the Milky Way.

Space is vast, and the humans of Renegade Galaxy know that it is teeming with life.  From the nine known interstellar civilizations to countless worlds where life of one kind or another has evolved over millions of years, the galaxy is still largely an untamed wilderness.  Civilizations with the technology to expand into new solar systems do so in order to thrive and survive, sometimes in direct competition with each other.

Meet Vicky Legrande, shuttle pilot, covert resistance fighter and a direct descendant of the original European settlers on the human colony of Orion Prime.  Orion Prime represented a shining achievement in human colonization efforts with cooperation between three Earthling factions, the United States of North America, the European dominated United Nations and the prosperous nation of Free China.  Unfortunately, the promise of new territory and resources also led to corruption, greed and domination of the colony worlds by all of the Earthling factions.

Learn about generations of Earthling oppression on Orion Prime and throughout human held space.  Discover how that tyranny led to the rebel mission to steal the United States of North America’s newest warship, the Artemis.  Find out if her team of revolutionaries succeed, or if the dreaded Earthlings ruin their carefully crafted plan.

Vicky, her team and the rebellion are just one force at work to shape human efforts to explore and expand in the galaxy.  Fear of hostile aliens, exotic planets, some with abundant life similar to Earth, and the growing pains of competing Earthling factions drive human colonization efforts.  The rebellion against Earth, violent smuggling rings and wildly different ideas of right and wrong all come into play in this first installment in the Renegade Galaxy series!

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