I’m excited to share the Sorcerers’ Realm with you!

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem on Pexels.com

Since my first novel and the series I want to follow it up with is a fantasy story, I’ve decided I’ve outgrown this renegade galaxy website. Don’t worry though, I’m not deleting it entirely, only redirecting it to the new website. You’ll learn more about the Sorcerers’ Realm in book two of the series, but for now, it will be a site similar to this (but geared to fantasy) and will act as a portal to future works set in the same universe as Fantastic America. I’m excited to make the page better, and focus even more on the rest of the stories I have to tell (It gets weirder from here on out). The Realm is an imperfect reflection of the waking world in my stories, and the page may have a bit of that feel to it too… in a good way!!!

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