I’ve had a few moments filled with genuine purpose in my life.

Photo by Lynnelle Richardson on Pexels.com

Not just excitement, or emotional episodes I look back on fondly, but transcendent experiences that elevated my soul and allowed me to see more than the ordinary world we all take part in from birth to death. That sounds a bit weird even for me, but I assure you, even if it was all my imagination, the experiences were real to me. Tonight, revising my manuscript, I had another of those moments. My story won’t change the world by itself, but it may change the world for someone who reads it. That alone would make writing it worthwhile, but I believe that’s only the beginning. As I write more and pour more of the good I see in the world into these characters, I hope to spread more good into the people who read my work. “Hope springs eternal…” after all!

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