Once you start making progress, its hard to slow down!

My experience is that a kind of personal inertia carries you forward. There is still plenty of work to be done, but doing that work is easier once you have developed the habit of pushing yourself, or your project forward. I still have tons of things to do, but that list changes as I mark off work that’s done and add new challenges to the list. I’m an optimistic realist, and pushing ahead is second nature to me now. It hasn’t always been that way. Still, I have to admit I’m excited to see what direction writing takes me next. I intend to share that journey here, which leads me to my next announcement: I’m writing the second book in my series over the course of Nanowrimo! (I may not finish the whole thing, but I know I’ll surpass the 50K word goal most author’s set for the challenge).

Stay tuned for more – and remember I’m moving to a new site soon! The Sorcerers’ Realm 🙂

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