Chaos is a little stronger tonight…

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If you’re in the US or follow any of our political chicanery, you’ll already know what I mean. No matter which way the vote goes tonight, I feel like we’ve already shown the rest of the world how petty America has become. I’m more than a little frustrated that the last few election cycles have turned into choosing the lesser of two evils. America used to be better than that, or I was naïve enough to believe we were better. The cynic in me has about given up hope for a candidate who can redeem my belief in our institutions. We’ve seen the courts hijacked both by judicial legislators and prosecutors who choose the system they are part of over justice. Long ago I accepted that elected officials were corrupt, but every supportive organization is maligned now. Churches, bureaucracy, and businesses are all pushing agendas that have little or nothing to do with their original purpose. No wonder so many people feel abandoned or suppressed in America. Tomorrow, regardless of who (if anyone) is the winner of this election, America will have to find a way through. We always have, but that hardly means we always will.

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