If you visit Renegade-galaxy.com

You will notice a new pop up – please take a moment to add your email. I’m sending out the initial copy of Jerry Farmer’s introduction – Bridgewater Bingo through that email link. I will add other ways to send it (all free) as I figure out how! In the meantime, this is my 100th blog post of 2020! Hard to believe I let this sit idle for as long as I did. I also hope you’re enjoying following my writing journey as I still work on Fantastic America and Midwestern Magicians. That also brings up the other purpose of the pop-up on my website, I’ll be transferring to the Fantasy centered version of my site soon – thesorcerersrealm.com – I haven’t figured out all the details there either, but I hope to have everything here moved over there before Christmas (Nanowrimo is still my main focus). Anyway – ad Robert said, TANSTAAFL!

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