Inspiration comes from all around us…

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My inspiration is virtually unlimited. I get ideas from nature, music, memories, dreams, pictures, maps, books, films, TV shows, commercials, interactions with my friends and family, and of course putting all of those things together in my mind in different ways. Like jigsaw puzzle pieces that might only go together one way, until you look at it differently and realize there are a dozen other ways to use those pieces. I scroll through Pinterest all the time looking for ideas, art, and concepts to bring my creativity to life.

Some of my best ideas come to me just as I settle in to go to sleep. If the idea is good enough, I’ll even get out of bed to write it down. This has come in the form of dialogue, plot ideas, character backstory, and whole scenes I struggled with wide awake. There are plenty of folks who ascribe that kind of inspiration to the Muses, or a shifting between awakened consciousness and the subconscious reaching out to solve problems that you couldn’t imagine awake. I don’t care what the source is, honestly, I’m just glad to find a solution.

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