I spend a lot of time on Pinterest…

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

I mean, if I’m on my computer, including right now, Pinterest is an open tab on my browser. I check it out whenever I have a few minutes. Usually it has results from searches for specific ideas I’ve had, sometimes I just browse for content I haven’t seen before, or maybe I’m looking for a perfect picture to inspire my already over active imagination. There is a lot more to Pinterest though, and lately I’ve been studying how other people use the site for marketing. That’s never been my focus before, but as I get closer to publishing Fantastic America I’ve been looking for all the ways I can spread the word (pardon the pun) about my work through every channel at my disposal. I’ve watched tutorials, read articles and snooped around a bit to see what sense I can make of Pinterest for that purpose. As with most projects technical, it will really take a lot of effort on my part to figure it out. When I do, stand by for the fireworks!

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