Life has a funny way…

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Of getting in the way of writing. This week has been a fine example of all the little things that can come up to derail my writing routine and editing plans. From laundry piles, fixing clogged pipes, taking care of pets, and helping my son with his English homework (Chaucer is still rough to read!), life threw plenty my way in just the past three days to slow any progress I hoped to make. Fortunately, I’ve still gotten some work done, not as much as I might have hoped, but I’m still on a self-imposed schedule (I really can’t fall behind at this point). When that changes due to an agent or editor with deadlines, I’ll have to power through the same way I did when writing Fantastic America to begin with. At least I know I can do that still. Anyway, I intend to have a good week, and I hope you do, too!

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