Humans, man… Humans.

We’ve had this planet to ourselves for so long, we take for granted how fragile our hold is on so many things. Humans have long been at the top of the food chain, masters of natural resources, founders of empires, creators of art, inventors, scientists, and builders of civilization. We’ve patted our collective back for our dominion over the Earth, smiled as we bent nature to suit our needs, and been content that everything we see belongs to us for our children to inherit. We’ve forgotten how quickly that can change.

Fantastic America, and Midwestern Magicians shows just how humans would react to a sudden change in our collective circumstances. If we were no longer the apex predator on Earth, no longer the only master of forces that can contend with nature, or science, or faith, how long would the modern civilization we take for granted survive? Humans may not be a universally pretty species, we stumble and fall far too often, but the one trait that has saved us from collapse so far is our adaptability. If we can adapt to ice ages, desertification, and overpopulation, maybe we can adapt to a a world of magic, monsters, and miracles.

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