I don’t have an art department…

So I hire artists on Fiverr when I need something done. I’ve tried to draw in the past, but discovered I’m not even good a sketching. So this piece is the latest project I’ve had done. It’s part of a scene in the opening chapter of Fantastic America. No spoilers, but this is a much better depiction of what the main character, Ashley Monahan reports on than I could produce. It isn’t a perfect representation of the image from my mind, but it’s pretty darn close!

If you like what you see, and I hope you do, there is more on the way. I’d like to get at least five more of these to show off here at The Sorcerers’ Realm. They all relate to one aspect or another of the Magic Unleashed series. Some you’ll see more of than others, in the run up to each book in the series. This one you’ll read about first, and it connects to The Sorcerers’ Realm directly, so it was only fitting to have it made first. Enjoy!

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