Magic isn’t all terrible…

photo of a woman standing in a cave

In the world of Fantastic America, there is plenty of darkness and fear surrounding magic. Nightmarish monsters have brought plenty of fear with them. These creatures and powers don’t define magic though, they are only aspects of how magic can manifest. Not every world touched by magic is filled with horrors brought to life. Seeing that potential is difficult for most people, and the simplest, knee-jerk reaction is to label all magic and creatures as dangerous. The American government believes everything related to the solstice is dangerous if not outright evil.

Some people, mostly those with an affinity to magic of one kind or another, see magic in a different way entirely. For them, magic is like a missing ingredient from their life. An ingredient they didn’t even know was missing until it found them for the first time. Now that they’ve tasted how sweet it can make their life, the idea of turning their back on it is unthinkable.

Ashley Monahan develops a unique appreciation for magic, magical creatures, and people touched by magic. She sees more potential in magic than she does danger. This puts her at odds with the government, her family, and many well intentioned but misguided people around the world. Her reporting puts her closer to magic and paranormal phenomena than most people, but it only bothers her when those things are truly dangerous.

Ashley’s biggest challenge isn’t learning which things to fear and which to embrace. She has to share that knowledge with skeptics and those already convinced that magic is evil. She will need allies who feel the same hope for magic that she does. Fortunately, her job takes her all around the country to find just such people. If she can convince enough of them to band together, before fear overwhelms civilization as we know it entirely.

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