Stay humble…

selective focus photography of monk during meditation

No matter how far you get in writing or in life, there is always more to learn. You can be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. I’m reminded of this fact every time my work comes back from my critique group. I am a better writer now than I was before, but I can still improve, and my critique partners are glad to share the many ways I can do better. Their attention has helped me over and over again.

Writers need thick skin. Agents and editors will reject your work. Readers will give you bad reviews. Beta readers and critique partners will point out flaws in your writing. A writer with thin skin will be hurt by all this, or will take the criticism personally. I have been there and felt the pain to know this.

Criticism, even harsh words on a page should not deter you from your writing journey. Even in the worst feedback I’ve gotten about my work, there was something to learn. I may not agree with every word someone writes about my work, but I am certain there is some detail, or observation that will help me write a better version of the story. Sometimes I have to really search for it, but I’ve yet to search and find nothing of value.

I’m not a master of my craft yet. This is a journey. When I started writing to be published, I had no idea how little I knew about writing. Years later, I finally know there is a lot I don’t know. I also know that I can learn what I don’t have mastered. I can write well, and rewrite better, and all of that came from reading and writing with feedback from other writers who were also on their writing journey.

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