3 Characters One Book

 Ashley Monahan is the protagonist of Fantastic America, flanked by Daniel Forrester in the role of antagonist, and Jerry Farmer as the principal villain. All three of their stories eventually weave together. Each one has trials, tribulations, and a few victories between the opening scene of the novel and The End.

 Ashley is looking to make an impact on her hometown. The solstice events open her eyes to a whole new world. Daniel is looking forward to a quiet weekend before Christmas. The horrors he witnesses on the solstice harden his resolve to protect and defend. Jerry just wants his meds. He had no idea the solstice would bring him a new ally and the power to escape his confinement.

 All three of them make an impact on a world changed by the return of magic. They aren’t the only players on the field, but they are the most important to show the depth of the changes unfolding between the world we recognize and the weird world they inhabit. Their agendas couldn’t be more different, but magic will entangle them just the same.

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