Some resting places are not meant to be disturbed.

skull illustration

The return of magic repowered relics from the last magical age. Magic also awakened shadowy spirits called wraiths. They are among the least dangerous of the undead who survived the bleak times of no magic. Other more potent forms of undeath linger in the world of the living. Some unwitting modern explorer, a foolhardy archeologist, or hapless treasure hunter could awaken this danger at any time.

Terror and mayhem are but one accidental discovery away. That has yet to happen by the end of Fantastic America, but the clock is ticking. An ancient horror is waiting to be unleashed on a world still reeling from the return of magic. The dust has yet to settle from modern society’s confrontation with ancient myth and legend come to life.

The knee-jerk reaction has been to destroy anything out of the ordinary. Guns, missiles, and more creative uses of modern technology helped in the early days after the winter solstice. Those same countermeasures won’t work against an opponent even ancient magic could only contain, but not destroy. Tick-tock goes the clock.

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