PitMad is almost upon us…

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Since I’m finally at the querying stage, I’m getting ready for #PitMad as practice for pitching Fantastic America. I’m hoping Ashley, Daniel, and Jerry can find an advocate to take their story to the next stage in publishing. Fingers crossed, I hope for hearts during the event, but honing my pitch and query letter are important to me as I pursue a career as an author.

To double down on that idea I signed up for Kathy Ver Eecke’s Pitch Perfect Five Day Challenge. She has a course designed to prepare authors for #PitMad. Part of that process teaches writers how to pitch their work successfully no matter what format that takes. So far, I’ve at least made some new contacts with other authors on Twitter as we get ready for #Pitmad.

I’ve done some practice runs with #DVPit and #PitDark so I’m at least I feel competent with Twitter. Of course, I have a ton of other things going on the day of #PitMad, but it only takes a few seconds to copy and paste a tweet. I hope it goes well, and if I get any hearts this time, rest assured I’ll share that here. Wish me luck this Thursday!

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