Out of all the writing advice out there…

opened notebook with silver pen near magnolia

And there is plenty of advice out there. You can find help for just about any situation, any element of style, grammar, voice, or theme. I suppose there are thousands of sites on the interwebs full of contradictory writing business models. Self-publishing versus traditional publishing, even how to blog (I’m probably doing it wrong). All of that advice is pretty meaningless without this.

Write. Sit or stand or use speech to text. If all you do is research, collect advice on how to write, or what to write, or who to write for, none of that will matter. Seems obvious I guess, but I talk to people all the time about writing. Their favorite quote when I tell them I wrote a book? “Oh, I’ve always wanted to write a book!”

I believe every one of them. I think everyone has a story to tell (or show). The problem is, something else always gets in the way. I got in the way of finishing every book I started, until I didn’t. Until I decided I wanted to finish. Then the obstacles melted away, one by one.

So write. Even if you think its trash (maybe it is, maybe it isn’t). You can always edit trash into something less odious. The first draft is for the author to tell themselves the story anyway. Once its on the page, you can finesse the words, delete some words (gasp), or string together new words to make your story sing. None of that happens until you decide to make writing your goal. Five minutes at a time or five days at a time. No one else can slay your dragon, build your empires, or capture your unique voice. Write.

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