The light at the end of the tunnel…

For so long I’ve worked to finish Fantastic America, about three years now. Finally, after drafts and revisions I have a story that is close to what I saw in my mind when I started the process. Now that I have that story I can see a destination coming into view. Not the end of the line, but an important stop.

The light I see ahead is still distant, but at least I can see it. I’ve gone from writing the story to explaining it to agents. One of those agents will help me take the story to the next destination. Having a travel companion will change the whole dynamic of how I write. I am really excited about that.

Finding the right agent, someone who shares the vision I have for this book (and the series) is my laser focused goal. I’d also like them to help me get paid well, get enough marketing support from the publisher to sell well, and maybe get a little nudge to finish the next book. Just being called up to the show will be enough for now.

So I’m still rewriting my query, studying agents and agencies, and researching everything I can think of to make an agent fall in love with my book. The right agent is out there, probably several of them. All I have to do is find one. Hope springs eternal.

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