I don’t expect my writing will change the world…

person holding a green plant

At best, I’ll entertain a few people. If, in the process, I plant a few seeds that grow into change in the future, that’s an added bonus. Words do have power, and they can prompt change. Once the right person reads the right words, a legacy from the past, change is possible.

I’m not so full of myself that I expect that today or tomorrow, or even in my lifetime. The best I can hope for is a few nodding heads in my old age. Honestly, that would be enough. I’d still like to be paid for entertaining so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. That isn’t why I write. The long game isn’t about the money or sales figures, it’s always about hearts and minds.

So what do I want to pass on? If you’ve followed my blog, you already know the short answer is hope. When all else has failed, when there is no point to keep hope alive, that you keep going. Refusing to hope for a better world, a brighter tomorrow, and one more day to cherish the people we love.

Love is the reason not to give up hope. Whatever form that love takes. Whoever you love, whoever loves you back. Every label we’ve invented to keep each other separate, religion, sexual orientation, and race are poor substitutes for love.

Love nourishes every other aspect of life. Humans hardly agree on anything, but one constant in every society is love. Children grow up, choose a path the follow, grow old and die. Generation after generation rediscover the same hard truths. Love makes all that bearable, makes all the hard parts worthwhile.

I’ll keep writing, I’ll keep trying to attract new readers. I want my simple minded message to reach as many people as possible. Hope is holding on for one more day. Hope keeps love and life from fading. No matter how it looks to anyone else, no matter how long it takes to find. Hold on for one more day.

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