Yesterday was a long two days…

man in white shirt standing near window

I struggle with insomnia (among other things), but I’ve tried to use my erratic sleep habits to my advantage. This blog is a part of my coping mechanism. If I can’t sleep, I write. If I can’t write, I game. When even that fails, I blog.

Yesterday, I didn’t have those options. thirty hours later, I finally got seven hours of sleep. That meant no writing, gaming, or blogging. But I’m alive and mostly well (for me). The work was right here waiting for me, as is the chance to say hello. Hello!

I wish I had a fantastic story to tell, or writing advice to share. Even an update on how my journey is going would be nice to post. I have none of that. I spent the day at the VA hospital. Turns out that troublesome kidney stone that sidelined me in March found a home in a corner of a kidney. I have to get it out with lithotripsy and preparing for that, and travelling took most of my already sleepless day.

I’ll recover from both ordeals though. I’m nothing if not stubborn. There is plenty of unfinished business for me (or my ghost) to continue. 🙂 No one wants me haunting them over how to build tension in their narrative or whatever. So I’ll be here, pecking away at the stories I still have to tell!

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