What a difference a day makes!

male doctor in uniform putting on sterile gloves

Humans take some things for granted. We rely on what we’ve experienced to guide us. When something we rely on fails to match our experiences the change is jarring, to say the least. I spent the past month dealing with a series of jarring episodes.

Most recently, I had a kidney stone removed and a stent put in. I won’t bore you with the messy details, but I haven’t felt ‘good’ in over a week. Yesterday I had the stent removed. Today I feel so much better, it’s hard to believe I felt ‘bad’ at all!

So I’m up early (I slept a lot the past week). I’m working through the list of things I’ve put off doing the past week. I don’t expect this burst of activity to last, but I’ll take advantage of the energy while I can. My posts the past few days are a reflection of how drained I felt.

All that adds up to this, your state of health, mood, energy, and attitude all affect what and how you write. Just as it’s hard to write happy thoughts when you’re sad, writing anything is difficult when you’re not well. I can’t always control illness, but I can control what I eat, exercise, and how much rest I get (ok this last one is always big challenge for me). So that when I sit down to write the words flow naturally.

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