Life piles up on all of us…

person using macbook pro on table

Family commitments, housework, actual work, and every other little issue that can come up to keep me from writing does. Like an Author’s Corollary to Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can interfere with writing, will.” Sometimes, being creative and putting my butt in the chair to write feels like the worst use of my time, although I don’t believe that at all.

That was certainly the case with Pitmad today. I planned ahead for it, even made changes on the fly to keep up with it. Traveling at the time the pitch fest started proved to be only a small hiccup. The real show stopper was when I ran out of energy. I missed the last five hours on twitter, because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Still, the day went well, all the appointments were kept. I got some time in to write, and yes, this counts, too! Two out of three pitches went out to Pitmad, along with lots of retweets. I can’t say enough about how the writing community on twitter comes together to lift each other up for pitchfests. Today was no exception.

So yes, life piles up on us all, but it doesn’t have to keep us from what we love. It doesn’t have to interfere with writing, but if it does, breathe. For most of us, there is always tomorrow, thankfully.

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