Summer has always been my favorite season…

woman in blue dress standing on green grass field

Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, which is wonderful. It’s especially welcome after the brutal winter months. Fall is beautiful with all it’s vibrant colors, bountiful harvests, and fun holidays. But Summer, long days and warm nights are the way I want to live my life, all year long. I live in a bad place to feel this way, but at least I can appreciate the season while it lasts.

For me, the warm (even hot) summer days take me back to my youth. I was barefoot from May till September, although I can’t imagine going barefoot for more than a trip to the backyard now. The lush plant growth, which my wife has a love/hate relationship with, reminds me of hours spent outside, before the street lights came on.

Summer should, in my mind at least, be a time for relaxation and enjoying time with friends and family. Last year, the pandemic put a hold on most of that enjoyment, but that seems to be lifting, for our family at least. The excited squeals from children in our pool are a testament to that.

I find myself drawn from the comfortable air conditioning outside more than I have in a long while. Evenings in the shade surrounded by people I love has made me appreciate anew what the last year made more precious than ever. So get out (or in) to spend time with the people who are important to you. Tomorrow is currency we don’t all get a chance to spend.

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