Summer, as much as I love it, is hectic…

Try as I may, summer still gets the better of me from time to time. Between family outings, errands, and my dogged attempts to stay in my chair, I don’t always win. This week for example, my writing took a back seat to several evenings of grilling, which I love to do. I’ve also been derailed by grandchildren who needed my attention, I also love them, so no way out of that.

But I’ve also been busy writing. My critique group and solo partners had deadlines this week. I’ve taken on a short story, which I was able to write through the first draft at least. And I’m still pitching and querying Fantastic America, which has been my sole focus for so long, I worry about leaving the MS alone for too long.

Besides the challenges summer brings to my writing routine, I’m still trying to read, and help around the house. Though not enough as I’m sure my wife would attest. I have books on my TBR list, one of which I checked out from my local library. Which is now reopened – YAY! My contributions to housework and chores is mediocre at best, but I do what I can to help out.

The pandemic changed a lot of the things I thought were important to me. I’ve discovered a lot of them were habits that I could change, and should. I’m eating healthier, working harder, and planning for bigger, better things to come. Summer just reminds me of things I have yet to accomplish, and why I want to get further down my path.

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