Torthal is at the dawn of new awakening.

purple and white petaled flower

The planet Torthal has been in a Dark Age for almost one thousand of their years (circums). Long ago, a cataclysm of some kind destroyed their global civilization. The survivors have developed entirely new societies. The ancients have been consigned to myth and legend. All of that is about to change.

Every decade or so, aliens from other worlds are pulled from their homes into Torthal. One of those worlds is Earth. Gari Garcia was a child when he and his parents were transported to Talara, the capital of Talmak, one of the torthan inheritor states. He has spent many circums in the archives of the monastery that took him in after being orphaned in Talara.

Gari has joined a caravan of refugees heading to Talara. He will have to reconcile the loss of his parents, the life he might have had, and whatever future he can build in Torthal. The secrets he unlocks will change Gari and Torthal forever. Another wave of immigrants is coming soon, and Gari is one of the few who understands what they will face.

Curiosity has fueled Gari’s quest for knowledge, but survival will fuel the next phase of his journey. He will have to defy his monastic training in order to continue his research. The future of outsiders and torthans alike depends on what he finds.

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