I’m writing in Torthal again…

The more I’ve written in story and back story, the more I love this world. It is at once alien, and familiar. The characters are strange, but the main character, Gari (the only human the reader has encountered so far) is still relatable.

Torthal holds many mysteries. Gari will help solve some of those mysteries, but many more will remain long after his story ends. He has bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, some of the unfinished business he left behind in the Monastery of eternal Light will follow him.

This story is still unfolding for me. The outline for the next short story or chapter (I’m still not sure which), has me excited. Gari and his companions enter unfamiliar territory as a plague descends on Talara, capital of the country Gari has lived in, but not a part of, his whole life. There is a lot to cover in this visit, so it may be better as a novel or novella.

The challenge that I wrote Gari’s introduction for will be done in two weeks. I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes and how my story develops. Once the challenge is over, I’ll also share the short story right here. You can read how Gari’s adventure begins.

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