One kind of magic is Death Magic…

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Or in the Magic Unleashed series, Necromancy. Death Magic is a spiritual force, that opposes Life Magic. Other magic users universally shun Necromancy. Unlife, a major component of Death magic, is a corruptive source of misery for all living things. In combat, necromancers rely on undead minions under their direct control, along with constructs and weapons of hardened shadow.

Necromancers are at home among graveyards, mausoleums, and forsaken ruins. While most Death Magic spellwork requires fresh corpses or living victims, any dead flesh will do in a pinch. Only carrion eaters and animals that assist decomposition will reluctantly answer a Necromancer’s call for aid.

One of many horrifying practices of Death wizards is haruspicy. This is a type of scrying that uses the still warm liver and entrails to seek hidden knowledge. Like other forms of scrying, the necromancer may glimpse the future, lost things, or learn new skills. Haruspicy is intuitive, but also relies on the intention of the haruspex and what they seek.

Readers will meet fledgling Necromancer Vincent Deveraux in book four of the Magic Unleashed series, Raising New Orleans. Formerly a morgue worker and mortuary student, Vincent is initially unaware of the changes around him. He has a potent advantage over other newly empowered magic users. The ghost of Marie Laveau is his mentor in the collection and use of unlife.

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