One kind of magic is Ambient…

spooky witch among candles during ritual

Or in the Magic Unleashed series, Arcane Magic. Arcanists have many names across many cultures, but all are able to tap into the naturally occurring magic of the Earth itself. They have a wider variety of skills, but are generally less potent than wizards, empowered by distinctly different forces. Their link to earthly forces gives Arcanists a different view of magic in general, leading to a wide variety of magical traditions.

Arcanists are able to feel magic tugging at them. Even during the bleak times of no magic when other magic users can not. This is not always positive, as seeing things others can’t see leads to questions of sanity. In past ages, it has also lead to accusations of witchcraft and consorting with unclean powers. While a few of those accusations were warranted, most were pure nonsense.

At certain places and times, Arcanists can access their magical gifts even when no magic flows in the world. These times are difficult to predict, but there is a ready substitute. During the past six thousand year absence of magic, some arcanists have turned to human sacrifice to fuel their abilities. Some magic users adopted this practice by themselves. Corrupting entities whispering from the shadows influenced the others.

With the return of magic, Arcanists have regained the full spectrum of their abilities. From communicating with ghosts, manipulating probability, projecting physical force, locking spellwork into physical objects, to joining wizardly magic together in specialized constructs, Arcanists have a major role to play in a world awash in magical power. Though they have less raw power than Wizards, Arcanists are still powerful magic users with abilities others do not possess.

Arcanists are more numerous than Wizards

Readers will meet their first Arcanist in Fantastic America: The Magic Unleashed. Jerry Farmer, the psychopathic escapee demonstrates the havoc even a novice magic user can wreak on the modern world. Jerry could see ghosts before magic returned, and this is often a sign of greater abilities to come. Even so, he has become more powerful than he might have been otherwise with the help of shadowy wraiths.

Other Arcanists will follow, many have standalone short stories set in the Magic Unleashed world. Chaz Buhrman hosts a ghost hunting reality TV show, finding more than he bargains for on the night magic returns to the Earth. Dr. Moses in New Orleans follows the traditions of his family in watching over the Crescent City, even before the return of magic. Gavin Dalton serves the self-styled Dragon Emperor in New York City. And Adriana Rivera travels the world in search of relics from the last magical age.

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