A change of pace – Madness Well Designed

uncertain stressed black man hugging pillow on bed

Scribbles whirling in mid-air

Bring tears to my eyes.

While clouds of heavy incense

Cling to my thighs.

Magic all around me

Whispers on the breeze.

It blocks my every motion,

Binding me with ease.

Captured by relentless phantoms

That overwhelm my mind

I sink a little deeper

In madness well designed.

Haunted by familiar faces

I walk my past again.

By some arcane mystery

I relive each forgotten sin.

The curse of ruthless furies

Bearing grapes of wrath,

Forcing me to account

For the steps along my path.

Yet I speak no words of penance;

In life, I will no solace find.

For regret has no meaning,

In madness well designed.

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