A change of pace – Gifts in the Dark

serene young woman in maxi dress swimming in lake

Son of Adam, come follow me

And I’ll show you sights

Of hidden immortal mystery

And holy hoary frights.

Come with me child of light

Into the mists untroubled

Where wait treasures of the night

In darkness strangely doubled

Are you afraid little one?

To accept the spell I’ve cast

Across the bridge we’ll run

To a land of futures past

The trip is brief my child

And there’s so much you can do

Just step into the wild

Where the night belongs to you

Once your mother followed me

But she took only half the gift

That’s really how you came to be

And how she clove a rift

Now to you I offer all

That your parents simply wouldn’t see

I know you’ll take up my call

And walk the road to eternity.

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