Spring is a time for changes

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Spring is a time of birth and rebirth. Every year it stirs up some fundamental urge for me to start over or restart old projects. This year is no different, I’ve got new stories in the works for challenges, writing contests, and personal growth. I’m also learning Latin, something I’ve always wanted to to do, but never pursued seriously.

Don’t let the idea fool you into thinking I’m grinding away through declensions and conjugating. The app I’m using is, “Duolingo, the world’s best way to learn Latin.” Basically it’s Latin (or any other language I suppose) for sixth graders. Either way, I’m enjoying it and starting to figure out how to say, “Ubi est Latrina?”

The story I started yesterday is for an Autocrit writing challenge. It is set in the Crossroads world where Aleera’s stories take place. This is earlier in time and closer to the Crossroads than Aleera, so it will be fraught with more intrigue and danger than her introduction. I’m excited to dig into the more cosmopolitan heart of that world.

I’ll keep updating here as I go, all sixty-seven of my followers are sure to be on the edge of their seats, I’m sure. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spring is a time for changes

  • Good luck with Latin. At various times, I’ve taken on French, Gaelic and Russian just to keep my brain working. It’d be nice if I could actually memorize the Cyrillic alphabet! Looking forward to seeing your new stories out there in the world.

    • When I was in Europe in my twenties, I made a valiant effort to decipher Cyrillic text. I had a good grasp for a couple of months, but never got much father than deciphering billboards. That was thirty years ago…

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