Writing in the Time of a Pandemic

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It is difficult for me to ignore what is going on in the world. The news in all its sound-bite oriented glory (or horror) is just a mouse click away. Friends and family brushed by the Rona are retreating to their homes (in the best case scenarios). I’ve been cocooned in my house for the most part since Spring (with an odd night out here or there). Still, the danger has mounted and we’re seeing the fruits of ignoring those dangers now. Writing while all of this is happening seems trivial by comparison. I have friends who are working in emergency rooms and watching helplessly as people around them sicken and die. A creative outlet like mine doesn’t seem to be so helpful. I have to remind myself that for someone, somewhere, a story like mine may be the sunlight on a darkened day. It may not be much, and I may not be quick at anything I do lately, but I’m pushing my little bit of effort out into the world, and hoping for a brighter day (preferably sooner than later).

2 thoughts on “Writing in the Time of a Pandemic

  • I’ve had the exact same thoughts lately. Times like these are a test of our (as writers) meddle. I’ve dedicated time to find the base of my principles: why I write, why writing is important, what can I offer, and what do I seek to offer. In the most positive way, 2020’s chaos has forced me to ground myself and locate my roots.

    • Agreed. What we do in times of crisis shows our character more than peaceful, prosperous, or pretentious times. An invisible death that can come for any of us levels the playing field.

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