I’d like you to meet Alejandro De Luna

Photo by Thomas on Pexels.com

Alex is a second generation Mexican American and disillusioned US Army veteran, wounded by an IED in Iraq. After being medically discharged, he’s returned to the small Iowa town where his family lives, to help his mother and younger brother run the family restaurant. His father died while Alex was convalescing overseas. Alex was unable to make it home in time for the funeral, and suffers guilt over not being able to say goodbye. He lives in a small apartment above the restaurant that his Dad used as an office and personal library, surrounded by boxes of books and collectibles, a constant reminder of his dearly departed father. On the night of the solstice, Alex and his family close the restaurant early. Alex discovers he is more connected to the events unfolding on TV than he thought possible, and does his best to discover what that connection means.

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