Magic in my stories is multi-faceted…

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There are miracles fueled by faith, spells fueled by magic, and spirits tethered to the world of the living throughout eternity. Faiths of all kinds can produce miraculous results defending people from dangerous magic and monsters loose in the world. The power of faith has brought a revival to religious institutions around the world, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and shrines have an unprecedented surge in attendance.

There are many kinds of magic in this world, but those people who’s abilities are awakened have no idea how to use them. Relics of the previous magical age reappeared once magic returned as well, how they might shape this new magical age remains to be seen. Learning to use magic may be as dangerous as the monsters appearing around the world since the solstice, but not learning will leave them more vulnerable to the dangers yet to come.

In addition to all this, the ghosts of people long gone or recently departed linger to provide guidance to those left behind. Like most things human, their advice may be tainted by personal bias, misunderstanding, or outright deceit. Magic users, miracle workers, and modern day spiritualists must navigate all these unknowns to adapt to their fast changing world.

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