I’ve reached another milestone!

Fantastic America is out for editing! While I’m still working on Midwestern Magicians, the march towards publishing the first book in the Magic Unleashed series continues. The process is moving on, and my darling first draft is going off to grow into a mature manuscript. I’ll keep everyone posted about the editing struggle, but I’m pretty excited to have gone from the writing and revision stages to this first round of editing. There were times when I wondered if I’d ever get this far. Looking back, my biggest regret is not finding my way here sooner. Like Pumbaa said, “You gotta put your behind in the past…” or whatever he meant. I’m making progress and learning more than I knew I didn’t know as I go. No complaints here! (Except for the snow and ice outside – the warm fall is gone for now – Iowa weather… Ugh!)

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