Hello, World!

(Or whatever the C programming manual said…)

Welcome to the inaugural post of (I had to steal the teeniest bit of Presidential thunder: drumroll please…) The Sorcerers’ Realm! I’m still trying to get all the bugs worked out of moving from Renegade-Galaxy.com here, but I’m making progress (even if its painfully slow). I think all my blog posts are intact, my handful of followers seems unaffected, and I’m able to find the site when I go look for it. There are still some problems, but I expected that before I decided to make the switch. If you have problems or suggestion, by all means let me know… In the meantime – I have more content related to my contemporary fantasy debut novel, Fantastic America coming this month and I hope to finally have Jerry Farmer’s gruesome origin story ready to share as a free eBook soon. Until then, stay fantastic!

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