Yesterday my sensibilities were assaulted…

washington state capitol facade reflecting in pond under white sky

Yesterday’s rioting in Washington D.C. shocked a lot of people. It wasn’t a surprise that a protest turned into a mob. The surprise was that the mob was able to penetrate a uniquely sacred American institution while it was in session to perform a core function of democracy. American protestors don’t generally break into government buildings. Throughout 2020 there were only a couple of notable exceptions to this (Seattle and Portland come to mind). The invasion of the physical heart of America’s governing apparatus shocked me on several levels. As an American sailor, the gut punch for me was seeing crowds of hooligans hanging from balconies, invading both chambers of Congress, and generally desecrating the hallowed halls of the People’s House. Images of Capitol Police backing away from the intruders, giving ground to lawlessness till it literally reached the doors of the chambers in session blew my mind. A day later, I’m still processing the images, what they mean to me as an individual and what they mean for America as a whole. One thing I am sure of, this single disheartening episode will not unravel the fabric of American Democracy.

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