The first inkling anyone has in Fantastic America that they are dealing with nightmares come to life, are hordes of ravenous undead pouring into their world. Thousands of people fall to the hordes in violent gory deaths, only to rise again as mindless flesh eaters. Their world reacts the same way our world would, by deploying infectious disease teams to isolate the pathogen.

The teams are unable to find a pathogen of course (this is fantasy not science fiction). They are unable to find a culprit they can understand at all. They do find something they genuinely don’t understand, and that eventually draws Ashley Monahan to investigate. Still reveling in her triumphant report on the solstice events that brought zombies to her world to begin with, going to a zombie quarantine is not on her to do list.

What Ashley discovers will shock the entire world, and open up a new way to push back the darkness. Assuming she survives to tell the truth. Assuming the government allows her to tell the story. There are more than a few assumptions between her and another scoop of a lifetime. She may not be eminently qualified, but Ashley is her world’s best hope to fight the horrors unleashed by the return of magic.

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