A hand at work behind the scenes…

man sitting against projector light

The world of Fantastic America is almost identical to the real world. Until the return of magic, they would have appeared the same. There are some fundamental differences of course. Magic, at least the kind I’m writing about has never surged into our world. The characters I write about have not, for the most part, played a prominent role in the history (or present) of the real world.

One of those characters is not what he seems. One has influenced the development of humanity and all of our shared cultures since before we were a species. The hand guiding all these events, shaping our beliefs, our very understanding of the physical universe, has remained in the shadows. Like puppets on a string we’ve done this being’s bidding. Whether magic flowed in our world or the bleak times drove magic users to desperate measures.

Now that magic has returned, this puppet master will seek to coerce humanity to dance for him anew. They are unprepared to confront him. He has carefully made it impossible for any of them to know he exists. They certainly don’t know that he has shaped humanity to serve his purpose for this moment. Wizards, arcanists, familiars, miracle workers, and ordinary humans alike will either play the part he has cast them in, or rebel against his eons of deceit.

The outcome of that may or may not play directly into his plans as well. Anyone who can set a plan in motion over thousands, even millions of years can plan for a few disruptive humans. Could our obstinate, unruly nature help us escape a destiny forged by this hidden elder being?

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