There are many different kinds of evil…

woman in black dress standing near window
People vilify the unknown.

The world of Fantastic America shares all the same evils as our world, but also has magic to contend with. Not that magic is inherently evil at all, but it adds complexity to the human condition. Besides magic as a force to be reckoned with, there are creatures and people from other worlds who would gladly find their way to Earth. Evil, as a human construct, is generally in the eye of the beholder.

Some of the many forms evil takes in the real world are easy to find in Fantastic America. Corruption, murder, and mayhem are mundane varieties of evil we are accustomed to in the real world. Magic adds new tools for would be evil doers, but that’s not all. Inhuman entities, some filled with malice and hate exist in worlds beyond, and they too have designs on an unsuspecting Earth.

These forces cannot be reasoned with, frightened away, or bribed. The must be fought, scoured from existence, wiped away and destroyed. Otherwise, they will overwhelm humanity or accept our surrender, before consuming us all.

When magic returned, the forces of good and evil turned their gaze from beyond the physical universe to find an Earth unprepared to defend itself. We have no champions, and little time to prepare. Without defenders, Humanity is at risk for all manner pain and suffering.

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