Anticipation… when I’m so close to the finish line!

football players
Inches away from my goal!

Fantastic America is almost readable! There are a handful of spots I have marked for polishing, but 98% of the manuscript is ready. While the manuscript is ready, I won’t say finished, because I expect more revisions throughout the agent, submissions, publishing process. I’ll say it’s coherent and the story is no longer a rough set of ideas strung together. Ashley’s journey is center stage, not overshadowed by Daniel and complimented by Jerry’s appearances.

I can see the promised land from here. I may not get there tomorrow. I may not get there this week. I will get there soon, and the surety of that notion fills me with hope and excitement. My goal is to share my stories with the widest possible audience. This is a major step on that journey. I have many steps left to take.

I’ve charted the publishing path for the most part. Publishing will bring more challenges as I continue my journey. I expect many more sleepless nights as I wrestle with those challenges. In fact, I welcome the unknown and relish facing what obstacles I have yet to meet. The rewards pour in as I walk the path, the finish line, always receding in the distance will be that much sweeter.

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