If I stop blogging, the kidney stone wins…

you got this lighted signage

I’ll happily blog about my recovery (once the stone is out). Until then, I take each day, each hour, as they come, some with pain, some without. But even with all that, I keep going back to Fantastic America. Maybe the pain struck a chord I hadn’t realized needed striking. I saw a way to use the villain of the first book, Jerry Farmer for more worldbuilding depth. He is already irredeemable morally, but these new scenes show his sadism and hunger for adoration.

Jerry believes he is superior to everyone else in the world. Bingo, one of his captive spirits knows this, and devises a way to use that against him. I won’t spoil the fun or reveal the payoffs, but I’d pat myself on the back if I didn’t think it would hurt right now. This was another, almost asleep, spark of a complete idea (for two scenes with Jerry) arriving in my mind, moment. I had to get out of bed and make some notes before the inspiration faded. Not upset at all by the way!

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