I’d like to introduce you to Herbert Allan…

serious old man in elegant wear sitting in public transport

Herb is a retired history professor from Indiana. He has no connection to or interest in the events of Fantastic America. While visiting the grave of his wife, Ginny, a disturbing event sweeps him into the weirdness anyway. Ashley Monahan, investigating for the evening news, tracks him down later. She discovers a whole new wrinkle to the pattern of paranormal turned magical phenomena.

Professor Allan refuses Ashley’s interview request, but agrees to talk to her off the record. His story is tragic, but also amazing in way Ashley never thought possible. She takes an unusual step, even for her, and invites Herb to join a network of people she is assembling who have witnessed the unexplained, cleaned up after it, or survived a direct encounter with otherworldly creatures. He accepts the invitation, uncertain how he might help. Despite his doubts, Herb provides exactly what Ashley needs.

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