I’m often surprised at how ideas come together…

shallow focus photography of paintbrush

I had very specific ideas for Fantastic America when I started the project. Back then, it wasn’t even called that, but I still had a plan. Eventually, I had too much material for one book, or even four books. Rewriting and expanding the ideas, I lost some of the focus on ideas that became less important in my rush to finish the manuscript. Editing and rewriting didn’t bring those ideas back right away either.

Fortunately, rewriting is a long process. I was inspired to add in an idea that addressed shortcomings I found in my latest round of edits. That idea brought many of those older ideas that had fallen by the way side back into focus. As often happens, the way opened for all those ideas fit together more neatly than I could have planned.

Now, I have a perfect method to introduce concepts, names, and events that I want to plant as seeds for the rest of the series. There is a bit of mirth and joy that bubbles up out of no real attempt on my part. I often credit my muse for a good deal of my personal creativity, and this may be another example of how she helps me write.

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