I’ve taken a deeper dive into backstory…

When I made the decision to reinvent the history of the Earth of Fantastic America I only went back a short distance. I’ve discovered a need to go further back, and its difficult for me to stop once I get started. A new path allows new wrinkles to the story. Writing with that in mind is fun for me, and hopefully for my audience as well.

My most recent dive into the history of this world has taken me to the 1860’s. July of 1863 to be more precise. A small town in Pennsylvania that will change the course of the Civil War and American history. The little nudge to what happened here is unremarkable to recorded history, but will have ripples through the entire story in modern times. I won’t ruin the surprises in store, but I’m almost giddy with how well it’s working out!

The changes go deeper, so my dive will continue. I have more than a few ideas that may not show up until after the first book in the series. I’ll keep writing, and keep posting on this blog, so stick around for clues and explanations you won’t find in the books. This is already a wild ride, it only gets weirder from here.

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