I’d like you to meet President Grander…

Michelle Leigh Grander (R) – Michigan. President Grander became the first woman elected president of the United States in 2008. She succeeded the scandal ridden Presidency of Troy Cameron (D) – California. When Fantastic America begins, she is fresh off a landslide second term victory. Considered hawkish on international affairs, her domestic policies stirred controversy throughout her first term. The solstice events that usher in the weirdness of Fantastic America totally derail her plans to overhaul immigration and naturalization.

President Grander personally tasks Daniel Forrester with developing a Federal response to the solstice events. She folds his plan into a larger effort to address the issues around the world, specifically those threatening America after the solstice. She provides Daniel and his teams with any resource he might possibly need.

The President is as proactive in this crisis, or series of crises, as possible. She sends help to American allies abroad, keeps our armed forces on alert, and looks for solutions from any avenue. She’s also responsible for building up Daniel’s Paranormal Response Unit into a force to be reckoned with. Her press conference the day after the solstice helped calm the nation, and her repeated voice of calm and steely resolve have kept panic from overwhelming America since then.

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