The following is not public knowledge:

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time
The sea holds many secrets…

In Fantastic America, on the same night that ravenous undead poured into the world, another menace swam into Earth’s oceans. Actual sea monsters, described by witnesses as varying from giant tentacled creatures to long
serpentine monstrosities. Observers spotted monsters thousands of miles apart in the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Indian Oceans. At each location, the monsters briefly surfaced, then dove deep underwater, and evaded further detection by modern naval vessels sent to investigate.

Although there were eyewitnesses to these arrivals, most news reports of the solstice events glossed over their accounts. Without direct evidence of their existence or clear dangers from sea monsters, stories were forgotten, especially after the coverage of so many other frightening phenomena. The United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Peoples Republic of China, Japan self-defense force, and Indian Navies are all actively searching for these creatures. It is only a matter of time before sea monsters cause further panic and damage to international shipping, fishing, travel, and tourism.

Daniel Forrester has tasked his research and development team with finding countermeasures for these monsters. A collision between humans and sea monsters is inevitable, but these measures effectiveness remains untested. A nightmare scenario involving international cruise ships and a group of terrifying creatures is on many world leaders’ minds. Much like the zombie curse and its cure through prayer, nations aware of the danger have kept this looming catastrophe from the public.

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