Wraiths are a plague on humanity…

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Known in paranormal investigator circles as a shadow person, or black mass, these spirits are a mockery of human ghosts. They can take any shape, change their size, and blend into any shadow. They are physically week, but can move small objects, and once strong enough, can scratch or cut human flesh. Fear emboldens a wraith.

Some of their ilk have waited since the last magical age to venture from their hiding places. A few have bedeviled the living, feeding off the suffering and fear of their victims. Despite their corrupt nature and ability to possess human hosts, they are not demons or in service to the Devil at all. They are not of this Earth. Rather, they are a twisted parody of human ghosts from another world entirely.

Only after the return of magic and the ghostly purge of the winter solstice have the wicked spirits become a true danger. Often during the bleak time of no magic, human ghosts kept the shadows at bay or limited the danger they posed to the living. With few ghostly protectors, more wraiths than ever have risked leaving their darkened lairs to seek out new human victims.

Communicating with wraiths is difficult and foolhardy. The dark spirits have little interest in humans beyond a source of energy for their ultimate objective. Beyond tormenting the living, wraiths all around the world are searching for something. What they seek is a mystery, but they are willing to fool anyone and do anything to find their prize. Do not trust a wraith.

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