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distant person on labyrinth path
The truth can take you to unexpected destinations.

In Fantastic America: The magic Unleashed, Ashley Monahan is a TV reporter and the protagonist. No matter how weird or ugly it may be, she has to seek out the truth, . One of her central dilemmas is what to do with that truth. release it to everyone, or share it with those you know can handle the frightening reality it represents. Her antagonist, Agent Daniel Forrester, believes some truth is too dangerous to share with everyone. They both have good reasons for their beliefs, but Ashley is a starry eyed idealist.

When the truth leads Ashley in an unexpected direction, she has to make a difficult choice. She can stick to her idealism and share what she believes is the truth, frightening a country she has reassured over and over again. Or she can compromise her lofty principles and protect everyone from her awful realization. Neither option sits well with her.

Her choice comes down to following her ideals, reinforced by a lifetime of faith, or accepting the changes miracles, monsters and magic have brought to her world. The dangers she encounters erode her naivete and give her a different perspective. Balancing the two views is impossible, but she gives it a try.

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